Gemini Bridges, Crisp Hole and Four Arch Canyon, Moab, UT


As Astrid did not want to join me for a trail run that day, I thought, I will do some test run. I had some undefined noise with the jeep and thought, I might get a better idea, about what is going on. I decided to run up to Gemini Bridges and from there into Crisp Hole and Four Arch Canyon. In the Crisp Hole area, there should have been a seldom visited natural bridge.

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Airing down at the Gemini Bridges staging area.
Going up the shelf road.
View from hthe shelf road: Moab Valley in te front and the La Sals in the background.
Still going up...
Spectacular views.
Gooney Bird Rock is waiting.
Gemini Bridges Road was in very good shape.
Wonderful everywhere.
La Sals...
I parked at the road and hiked down to the Gemini Bridges. Here a view down into Bull Canyon.
Bull Canyon
Gemini Bridges.
The bridge is now fenced off, so that nobody drives anymore on it.
Here a view under the bridge.
The La Sals look great from everywhere.
Bull Canyon.
After some time, I left and followed still Gemini Bridges Road.
At this fork I went left towards Four Arch Canyon.
Going down...
I followed an old road towards Crisp Hole, which seemed like it is not used very often.
Towards Crisp Hole...
The trail forks and I went first to the right.
Nice rock formations...
It seems, like this spot is used as a camp spot by the locals.
In the background is the natural bridge.
Unfortunately, I had to take my picture against the sun. So the bridge is not really well visible.
I went back that side trail and followed the other fork. After some time, I parked on the slick rock.
There are very interesting rock formations in that area.
View into the Bull Canyon system.
Nice view all over...
After some time, I went back over the slickrock.
Overall the trail was easy to follow. I used a different exit route now, back to the trail into Four Arch Canyon.
Almost back at the main trail.
From here, I went left and went into Four Arch Canyon.
There should be several arches in the canyon walls.
One is here...
...and one is here.
I followed the trail until I reached the main turn around spot.
Nice view backwards.
Great view on one of the arches.
The turn around spot is to the right. There is a trail going further in the wash, too.
I followed that trail in the wash, which was partly rocky.
It goes further in towards the end of Four Arch Canyon and follows basically the power lines.
After some time, the end of the trail is reached. I have to say, that it is not worth to follow that trail to the end of the canyon, because there is nothing special to see.
I went back...
...and followed the partly sandy road.
On the way out...
Back on Gemini Bridges Road I went left and followed this road to US313.

Here one can also download a gpx file of this trip:

Tracklog: Gemini Bridges, Crisp Hole and Four Arch Canyon, Moab, UT (576 downloads )

The following map shows the trail:

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